How To Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Gut


How To Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Gut

Tired of your pants not fitting properly or excessive belly fat hanging over your belt? Get rid of that stubborn gut once and for all!

  1. Avoid eating too many carbs- Your midsection likely won’t thank you if you eat a steady diet of white bread, pasta and pizza.. Try eating foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads.


  1. Avoid binge drinking- Who doesn’t like a nice alcoholic beverage when the weekend comes around? The key is to limit your alcoholic intake. If you’re drinking 24 beer every weekend, chances are that won’t take care of your gut. Stick to one or two drinks.


  1. Don’t reach for the junk food when you’re stressed- As work starts to get busier, your kids start to get swamped with homework and the snow starts flying, we all get a little stressed. This is when we want to eat comfort foods, which are often higher in fat, sugar, and salt. Build a habit where you’re reaching for fruits and vegetables instead of candy and chips.


  1. Prepare your meals the night before- As working people, we simply are either too tired or rushed in the morning to prepare our lunch for the day, leading us to eat out. It is challenging to make consistent healthy choices if we eat out often. Try to find a little time in the evening to prepare your lunch for the following day. Your waistline and pockets will thank you!


  1. Cardio with resistance training- Eating healthier will only take you so far. If you really want to see some serious progression, exercise will be very important. The way to do that? Cardio. But cardio doesn’t have to be as boring as going for mile long runs. You can add in resistance training to your workout too, which will leave you sweating and burning calories.

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