Fun Outdoor Physical Activities

Physical Activity Fun

Fun Outdoor Physical Activities

Load up on sunblock, throw on a hat, sunglasses and something you don’t mind sweating in, and get outside! There is so much to do, especially when April rolls around with the great weather, so don’t waste your free time lounging around the house. Go outside before you are asked to start cleaning something or before you guilt yourself into it yourself. Get going! I hear the duster coughing for attention…

1. Rollerblading/Biking
This is such an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors while getting a great cardio workout in. Hit up a trail for some great scenery to accompany your ride. I love heading down to Lakeshore for the Waterfront Trail, but there are many little paths throughout the GTA as well if you don’t want to venture that far. Look up some near you! Head out with some friends and watch hours slip away as you enjoy a peaceful ride, great company and the amazing outdoors!

2. Swimming
It’s hot out. Don’t sit inside for the AC. Go for a dip! You can swim indoors at any time throughout the year. Take advantage of outdoor swimming pools in your area. It’s super refreshing and if you choose to do laps or play games with friends, you are also giving your body a great workout that takes it easy on your joints. But hey, if you are down to lounge around and enjoy the water lapping around you and the warm sun beating against your skin, that works too. As long as you actually got out of the house.

3. Beach Volleyball
Volleyball is great because there are so many different levels of play. Join a friendly game and learn the basics, or play with a more advanced crowd to get a rally going. Beach volleyball is so much fun and a great workout too as you try to navigate through the sand and dive fearlessly for that ball because landing on sand isn’t as bad as landing on a hard floor. Check out Sportsplex for their outdoor beach volleyball courts or the Hangar by Downsview Park has several indoor beach volleyball courts. Get a group together, bring a ball, and spike it like you mean it!

4. Skiing
Living in Canada, we’re lucky enough to experience all of the seasons! There is just as much to do in the winter as in the summer, and skiing is a great example of a fun outdoor winter activity! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced or expert, there are different hills that suit everyone. Plus, if you are a beginner, there are ski instructors who would be happy to help you out! It doesn’t seem like you’re doing much, but trust me, the following day you will feel it in your legs. Which is a good thing! Check out Mount St. Louis, Moonstone or Blue Mountain to hit the slopes! For other winter activities, try tubing, snowboarding and tobogganing! Don’t fear the cold. You are Canadian, after all.

5. Play
Remember what it was like to be a kid with so much pent up energy; the only way to release it was to run around bouncing off the walls? Harness your inner kid every once in a while. Be spontaneous. Throw on your sneakers and go for a run around the neighbourhood. If you’re a teenager or a kid, go to the park. If you’re an adult, take your kid or niece or nephew or little cousin to the park and play with them! The key is to play. Part of playing is being inventive and trying something new. Hop on a skateboard. Don’t forget a helmet and wrist guards, but try it! Get outside of your comfort zone and just have fun. Being outside will give you enough inspiration to figure out what it is you want to try. If anything, grab a friend or loved one and go for a walk. Just keep moving. As you grow older, don’t forget to play.

Hopefully, you’ll give at least a few of these activities a try. You’ll find that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all and it’s because you’ll have a blast while doing it. Whether it be trying a new sport like beach volleyball or simply going for a run, make sure you truly absorb the feeling of being in that moment. Plus, if you’re biking, blading, skiing, or trying something new, please do not forget safety. Wear a helmet. And don’t even think about rollerblading without wrist guards! Be safe and enjoy the outdoors.