9 Fun Physical Activities To Do This Winter


9 Fun Physical Activities To Do This Winter

  1. Go sledding/toboganning- Grab your sled/toboggan and have some fun on the hills.


  1. Build a snow fort- It’s going to take a lot of effort to build a strong fort.


  1. Skating- Lace up your skates and go for an outdoor skate on one of our local outdoor rinks.


  1. Hit the slopes-Skiing is fun and great exercise.


  1. Go snowshoeing- Leave your biggest imprint in the snow!


  1. Build a snowman- Make sure you pack enough snow to form a big time snowman.


  1. Go bowling indoors- If you want to stay indoors, hit the bowling lanes for a fun match.


  1. Go for a walk- Even if the weather gets a little bit colder, bundle up and go for a nice brisk walk around the block.


  1. Play outdoor hockey- Grab some friends from the street and start your very own outdoor hockey game.


Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net