5 Healthy Foods To Consider Adding To Your Diet Kale

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5 Healthy Foods To Consider Adding To Your Diet Kale

I’m not going to lie to you. Personally, I don’t like the taste. My trick is to blend it up into a smoothie because it’s really great for you. On top of delivering a raft of cancer-fighting antioxidants, kale is one of the vegetable world’s top sources of vitamin A, which promotes eye and skin health and may help strengthen the immune system. It’s a good source of heart-healthy fiber and a 1-cup serving has almost as much vitamin C as an orange.

1. Pomegranate
This vibrant fruit is full of antioxidants, natural chemicals found in plants that mop up harmful free radicals, which damage tissues and may contribute to a variety of chronic conditions, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Give it a try! Kefir. This fermented drink great as it offers probiotics that are essential for building and maintaining healthy immune system, plus 29 percent of your daily value of calcium per 8-ounce serving. It’s even better if you are able to cultivate it and ferment it yourself!

2. Salmon
Salmon offers a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to a reduced risk of depression, heart disease, and cancer. Also, a 3-ounce serving contains almost 50 percent of your daily dose of niacin, which may protect against Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss

3. Spinach
I know, I know. It’s the one thing you were hoping I would forget about or not mention. But Spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two immune-boosting antioxidants important for eye health. Not to mention, research has found that among cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables, spinach is one of the most effective. Sorry guys. It’s because I care.

4. Dark Chocolate
I’ll make it up to you by letting you know that your guilty pleasure makes the list. Just one-fourth of an ounce of dark chocolate daily can reduce blood pressure in otherwise healthy individuals. But, I know you’re going to want to indulge more than that! That’s okay, because cocoa powder is also abundant in flavonoids, which are antioxidants that reduce bad cholesterol and increase good levels.

5. Garlic
It gives you bad breath, sure, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to fighting disease by prohibiting bacteria growth. Plus, garlic is naturally anti-inflammatory due to the compound allicin found within it and it has helped lower blood pressure and cholesterol. So forget about the breath! Okay, or maybe pop a mint after you eat a whole clove of garlic.

For the most part, we are aware of what food is bad for us and what is good. It’s just easier to keep eating the way we do because it is a habit and because unfortunately, unhealthy food tastes better than healthy food. However, one of the ways you can make sure you eat better, is by knowing what you put into your body. Cook at home more often with the family so that you all know what it is you are eating. Be as natural as possible. I’m not saying you need to become a vegan. Just develop a more intimate relationship with food. Get to know food on a first name basis because you need to know what you are putting inside your body.