5 Tips for Quitting Smoking

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5 Tips For Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things to do. It is an addiction that takes a lot of determination to overcome. If you’re a smoker and are really pressing hard to quit, take note of these helpful tips.

Tip #1: Don’t stop all at once.
Going cold turkey won’t amount to much success out of the gate. First try cutting pack on the amount of cigarettes you smoke daily. If you keep on decreasing that number, eventually stopping will become easier.

Tip #2: Try Nicotine.
There are many types of Nicotine-replacement therapies that can help reduce the feeling of having nicotine withdrawal.

Tip #3: Pick up a new hobby.
Picking up a new hobby will allow you to get your mind of the craving of smoking. Whether it’s reading, writing, meditating or joining a yoga club.

Tip # 4: Get physically active.
Join a gym, play sports, walk and run more. By staying physically active you will become healthier and your lungs will thank you. These activities will also get your mind off smoking because you will be focused on something else.

Tip #5: Eat healthy.
If you eat healthy your body will crave being healthy. So instead of using smoking to make you feel better, eat fruits & vegetables that give you more energy and change your mood for the better.

Tip #6: Seek motivation.
Have something that motivates you to quit will make the process a little less intimidating. For many people, the biggest motivating factor inspiring them to quit is their loved ones. If you have kids, you would not want them to cope with the pain and suffering if something bad happened to you because you smoke. Do it for yourself, but thinking about your loved ones will add even more purpose on your quest to quitting.

Tip #7: Don’t give up.
No matter how cliché is to say, no matter how many times you fail…. No matter how many times you pick up a cigarette, never give up. If your end goal is to quit smoking, put in your mind that you will not give up even if you slip and have a cigarette. Once you build up your strength of mind, you will eventually resist the temptation.