5 healthy lunches To Pack For Work


5 Healthy Lunches To Pack For Work

  1. Rice, chicken, and veggies. Prepare some rice in a container with some lean chicken and your favorite vegetable for a perfect lunch.


  1. Tuna wraps. Can’t get more healthy and delicious than tuna rolled up in your favorite wrap.


  1. Garden salad with a light balsamic vinegar. Toss some freshly washed garden salad in a container and top it off with some light balsamic vinegar. Make it a complete meal by adding   tuna or salmon to your salad.


  1. Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. Some lean turkey breast on whole grain bread will fuel you with energy throughout the day!


  1. Egg salad on whole grain bread. Delicious, healthy and something new to try.

Image courtesy of Apolonia at FreeDigitalPhotos.net